Puppetry Art in Pakistan

Puppetry industry and the puppet art is quite famous in the entire world. People love to watch this art. Through this, the message is conveyed and the story is told. Well, the whole saga can be narrated and performed through puppetry. Puppets work like human actors and this is the class and the talent of the arts who performs it.

Puppetry is called the most ancient forms of entertainment across the globe. Locally puppetry is called and famous as ‘putli tamasha’. In addition to conferring the people with the entertainment, puppetry also conveys meaningful messages.

Puppets’ making is done with materials, like straw, cotton, rags, sponge, wood, leather and cloth pieces, etc. Its making is done depending on the required effects and the amount of its usage. There exists a number if varieties of the puppets such as finger puppet, hand or glove puppet, sock puppet, rod puppet, marionette of string puppet, shadow puppet and human puppet. The most famous puppets in Pakistan are human puppets where string, hand, and rod puppets happen to be much favorites in the country.

In this art form, puppeteer has the option whether be visible to public or be hidden. The much oldest form of this art in Pakistan is the one performed with string by the puppeteers who make a makeshift stage in the rural areas with propped up beds. While performing, the puppeteer puts reed whistle between the teeth to create the chirping sounds for the puppets.

Puppetry is normally done on stories like kings and queens, prince and princesses but any story can be told on puppetry.

In Pakistan, Rafi Peer Theater has been doing remarkable job in puppetry and along with other arts, they get this art intact in Pakistan. Farooq Qaiser, the one who created the characters like Uncle Sragam and Masi Mosibtay, in the show Kaliyan, too has been doing great.


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