Qawwali in Pakistan


Qawwali is the devotional music that really soothes the souls and hearts. It has spongy and mellifluous effects on human. Listening Qawwali provides the peace of mind and comfort from the world’s tensions. Qawwali is called the devotional form of music and it is sung majorly in Pakistan and India though it is heard across the globe and has endless fan following in the world. Even it is often witnessed that the foreigners get attracted to this music and most of the time they convert to Islam due to Qawwali singing.

Qawwali as described earlier is the devotional form of music of the Chishti Sufis and it dates back to 8th century Persia. It got introduced in this region by none other than Amir Khusro in 13th century.

Qawwali is performed at the shrines of the Sufi saints though it is also sung at parties, movies and at other places as well. Qawwali’s themes revolve around mystical and moral, based on the deep love for the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (P.B.U.H), saints and the desire to be one with the infinite.

The lyrics, beats and musical arrangements with claps done by the associates of the lead singer really create the world of magic and the listener slips into the world of ecstasy.

In Qawwali, the number of people who do it include 8-9 people. One is the lead singer, around one or two are the side singers, one or two sit on harmoniums, tabla or create percussion, four or five men render the chorus repeating the key verses and then assist by hand clapping.

The performers take the first two rows – the lead singer, side singers and the harmonium or table players sit in the front row and the ones who do chorus and percussion sit in the back row.

The famous Qawwals in Pakistan include Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, Sabri Brothers, Aziz Mian, Alam Lohar and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (who has now turned the famous playback singer in Bollywood).



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