Ramdan is the Islamic month that is a pure Holy month for the Muslims in which they fast the whole day. It is the ninth Islamic month. During this whole month, Muslims observe the fast between the early hours of dawn and sunset. At the time of Sehri (before dawn), Muslims eats to observe the fast and then the whole day, they refrain themselves from eating, drinking water and keep themselves away from anger, arrogance, dishonesty and all kinds of evils. And in the evening, they break the fast by eating specially cooked food. Breaking fast is normally done with eating dates. This is called Iftari.

For iftrai, Muslims cook up various kinds of foods – pakoray and samosay are the special items which are the central dishes of every iftari.

People also cook up extra food to be given to lesser fortunate or poor. Last Friday of the Holy month of Ramdan is called Jumatul Widda (Farewell Friday) and this Friday, people specially gather to say Juma prayer (Friday prayer) in mosques.


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