About Rohtas Fort


Qila Rohtas that is also famous with the name of Rohtas Fort is said to be the outstanding example of early Muslim military architecture in Central and South Asia because of its construction happened essentially for military purposes. In 1541, after the defeat the Mughal Emperor Humayun faced, Sher Shah Suri constructed a strapping fortified complex at Rohtas situated at a strategic site nearly 16 kilometers north-west of the city of Jhelum.

This colossal fort is situated on the steep rocks sticking out the river Kahan. The fort’s battlements protected on the west and north sides by the river and by bigger mountains on its east and north. The main ramparts contain the huge walls stretched to more than 4 km.

The Department of Archaeology, Government of Pakistan maintains and protects the Rohtas Fort under the Antiquities Act 1975. This fort was inscribed in the World Heritage List by UNESCO way back in 1997.



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