Sammi dance about Princess Sammi

Sammi happens to be another folk Punjabi dance having it strapping worth in the country. It is performed mainly by the women. Sammi is a slow dance having the slower movements accompanied by the sad song – describing about the tragic love saga of Princess Sammi and Prince Dhola.

In this dance, the dancers make a circle standing and swinging their hands by bringing them up from the sides then right in front up to the chest level then they make the clapping – after that they get their hands down in line with the rhythm and then again clap.

By making the repetitions, the dancers bend forward and making the clapping again and then go round and round in the circle. This dance too is performed without any kind of music behind.

By making the rhythm intact, the dancers beat their feet and clap. While dancing, the females chip in ‘Sammi meri waar, main wari’. The dancers wear the colored kurtas and full flowing outfits called lehengas.

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