Sarangi, a classy instrument of classical music

Sarangi is the musical instrument that is played hugely and has worth in Indo-Pak in particular. It is also played around the globe but in this region, it has the people who have ear for its sound and understanding. Sarangi has been derived from two Hindi words – Sau (hundred) and Rang (Colors). It is a stringed instrument played for the Eastern music.

Sarangi is made of a block of wood and has a shape like a box. Sarangi’s measurements are two feet long and half feet wide. The lower portion of Sarangi gets hollowed out and wrapped with the parchment and it gets decorated with a strip of leather supporting the elephant shaped bridge.

The brige supports around forty strings. If the Sarangi is tuned properly, it gives the sounds like bee-hive. It is said that Sarangi playing is not easy rather it is a difficult instrument to play.

In classical music, it has its unique worth.

The famous Sarangi players of Pakistan include Samrat Ustad Sabri Khan, Ustad Sultan Khan, Ustad Kamal Sabri, Ustad Allah Rakah Muzafari, Ghulam Mohammad, Piroo Khan, Sharfuddin Khan,  Nazim Ali Khan and Nabi Bakhsh.



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