Shehnai, the marriage processions’ instrument

Shehnai is a mellifluous instrument and has its own worth among the instruments. It is widely popular and played in wedding ceremonies like marriage processions. Shehnai is also heard in film music as well.

It happens to be an aerophonic instrument highly used in the wedding events and processions. Shehnai is a tube like instrument and is laced with six to nine holes. Shehnai has around 2 sets of double reeds which make this instrument a quadruple reed woodwind.

The player of Shehnai controls his/her breath and while it is done, various tunes can then be played on it. It is believed that Shehnai had originated from Kashmir.

The known Shehnai players of the subcontinent are: Ustad (Master) Bismillah Khan, Ahmadi Yusef Lateef.



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