All about Sibi Mela


Sibi is the area that is situated to the south east of Quetta. Since the 15th century, this town (Sibi) has claimed to be the meeting place for all the chiefs of the tribes existed in the town. When the Britishers came to this part, they continued with this tradition of meeting but outing it in the form of the annual Darbar intertwined it with a mela (carnival/fair) where thousands of the Baluchi tribesmen came and gathered along with their animals somewhere in the mid of February each year.

This traditional event still continues with much vigor among the residents of the area and each year during the month of February, Sibi makes the celebrations of its very popular Sibi Mela where it is witnessed to find the tribesmen coming to attend it with their animals from Baluchistan, Sindh and Punjab.

Sibi Mela’s salient features include Horse & Cattle and Cultural Shows, Camel Races, Animal Markets and Exhibitions of Handicrafts along with Tribal outfits and the folk dances.



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