Sitar, the most prominent instrument of South Asia

Sitar has been the most recognizable and prominent musical instrument in the entire South Asia. This instrument has the higher worth in Indo-Pak in particular since it has been endowing the listeners of all types the soothing pleasures to enjoy with for centuries.

Sitar has evolved from the Persian 3-stringed instrument to its current convoluted form of plucked resonating strings, sitar is all the way to mesmerize the listeners.

Sitar’s history is that it was developed by none other than Amir Khusro. Sitar’s usage is that it uses the sympathetic strings accompanied by the long hollow neck plus a gourd reverberating chamber so as to produce the rich sounds emerging with complex harmonic  resonance.

The most prominent players of sitar from Pakistan include Ustad Sharif Khan of Poonch, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Rais Khan and Vilayat Hussain. In India, Ravi Shankar got international fame in sitar playing.



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