Something about Sculptures

Sculpture painting is quite used in Pakistan. It is in actual ‘Sclupture’ and happens to be a 3 dimensional art work created by making the shape of the material i.e. stone, rock, marble, metal, wood, ivory or bone, plastic and clay. In Sculptures, the material that is used is the one which can easily be molded and modulated. Sculpture is also called the plastic arts.

Glancing at it, it comes up that there happens to be various forms of this art such as relief, statue, free standing sculpture, bas relief and fountain.

In Pakistan, the first known sculptures got traced from the sites of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa. During the era of 2nd and 1st BC, the sculptures turned out to be the anatomically realistic. Gandhara sculptures get typified by the curly hair, drapery covering shoulders, shoes and sandals.

The fact remains that a few of the first instances of sculptures got traced from the Indus valley civilization.

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