State Emblem of Pakistan

Every country in the world has its own symbol or emblem that acts as an authorized seal to represent the government or the state. Pakistan too has its own symbol that got approved by the Central Government in 1954. The state emblem of Pakistan can be witnessed on all stationery used in government documents. This symbol symbolizes the ideological foundation of Pakistan, the cultural heritage, the guiding principles plus the basis of Pakistan’s economical strength. State emblem of Pakistan confers recognition to Pakistan’s inspirational source, force and tradition.

On the flag, the green color and the star plus the crescent appear to be the symbols of Islam. The central shield with four partitions depicts the four chief crops of Pakistan – cotton, wheat, tea and jute. These four crops personify that the economy of the country is based on agriculture. On the shield, the garland happens to be the reproduction of the flowery designs which represent Mughal’s traditional legacy of Pakistan. At the bottom, the scroll consists of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam’s popular motto – ‘Faith, Unity, and Discipline’. These words tell the guiding principles for the nation.


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