Tabla, the classy instrument with sugary taals

Tabla is that musical instrument that is widely used in Indian and Pakistani classical music and also used in other musical genres as well. This is undoubtedly the classical instrument in every sense of the word having the ear-appealing, mellifluously saccharine sounds to please and enjoy with. The taals of Tabla instantly grow on you and you cannot help then ignoring or putting your ears off them.

The term table has been derived from the Arabic word meaning ‘drum’. Tabla consists of a apir of hand drums. Tabla happens to be a percussion instrument that is used in classical and popular music. Tabla’s history dates back to Amir Khusro’s era in 13th century. Amir Khusro is the one who invented this musical instrument.

On tabla, the playing happens on the smaller drum played with the right hand and it is called Dayan (right) whereas the larger drum is played with the left hand is called Bayan (left). Left tabla is made from the conical piece of wood whereas the right table is made from brass, copper, aluminium, steel and wood.

The playing of table happens by using the fingers and palms in different manners generating a wide variety of various types of sounds and tones.

The both drums shells get covered with a head that is made from leather of goat or cow’s skin. The strap on tabla gets tensioned to get the desired pitch. To get a true fine tuning, it is done by striking vertically on the braided portion of the head by hammering the tiny hammer.

The famous Tabla players of Pakistan include Ustad Shaukat Hussain Khan, Ustad Talib Hussain Khan, Ustad Baba Tufail, Altaf Hussain Tafo, Bashir Ahmad, Abdus Sattar Tari, Khalifa Akhtar Jan-ul-Hassan Khan and Ghulam Abbas.

The most prominent table players who have done impeccable jobs worldwide are from India like Ustad Allah Rakha (late) and his son Usta Zakir Hussain.



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