The details of Balochi languages

Balochi is the language of Pakistan that is widely spoken in Balochistan, Sindh and Southern Punjab. Balochi is not only spoken in Pakistan but it also transcends to other countries and spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, India, the Arab Gulf States, Turkmenistan and East Africa.

It is said that Balochi is closely related to some languages such as Kurdish and Persian. Balochi came in this part of the world (Pakistan) with the series of migrations happened in Pakistan from Northern Iran, near the Caspian Shores. Balochi has four major dialects – Western Dialect, Eastern Dialect, Southern Dialect and Northern Dialect.

Western Dialect: This dialect happens because the speakers of Balochi get settled in the northwest of Balochistan. Western dialect is widely used in the literature of Balochistan.

Eastern Dialect: It prevails and is spoken in the north eastern areas of Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh.

Southern Dialect: This dialect is found in that Balochi language that is spoken in the Southern Balochistan, Southern Sindh and Karachi.

Northern Dialect: This one is spoken in North Sindh of Pakistan.

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